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Golden Retrievers Service Dogs (Everything To Know)

If you’re considering getting a golden retriever as a service dog, read about the legal requirements and protections for service animals first. Not every breed makes a good service dog, but golden retrievers may be the best choice for this role. Sometimes, people confuse service dogs with therapy animals. Unlike therapy animals that can belong […]
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Best Dog Recovery Suit • Reviews & Buying Guide for 2023

Surgery is miserable for pets and owners alike, but the best dog recovery suit can make things go more smoothly. A good recovery suit will protect your dog and help the healing process more than any other option you may consider. Keeping your dog comfortable and safe after surgery is not easy. You can always […]
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Everything To Know About Female Golden Retrievers

At first glance, female golden retrievers are no different from males, but they have several important distinctions. Some people don’t care about their dog’s sex, but it can impact its temperament, appearance, and suitability for particular purposes. You won’t find an answer to whether female golden retrievers are better than males here. All golden retrievers […]
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Dog Breeds

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How Often To Groom a Golden Retriever?

Every owner should know how often to groom a golden retriever and keep up with the schedule to maintain the beauty and health of their pet’s coat. Goldens are among the most sought-after breeds due to their shiny, golden coat. However, people often underestimate the amount of upkeep the golden retriever coat requires to remain […]
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How To Wash a Golden Retriever (Detailed Guide)

How to wash a golden retriever is essential knowledge for any owner because these dogs’ gorgeous coat needs a lot of upkeep. Regular bathing is necessary to keep your dog’s fur clean, healthy, and free of mats and parasites. Washing a dog may seem foolproof, but it isn’t as easy as washing your hair. There […]
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Why Do Golden Retrievers Pant So Much?

The reasons why golden retrievers pant so much are numerous – some are relieving; others are concerning. Panting is natural for all dogs, but golden retrievers pant more than most breeds, often causing their owners to worry. The good news is that in most cases, panting is normal and doesn’t threaten a dog’s health. Any […]
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Dog Life

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Why Are Golden Retrievers So Popular?

According to American Kennel Club, golden retrievers are among the most common dog breeds in the U.S. But why are golden retrievers so popular? “Because they’re simply the best,” would answer any golden retriever’s owner, and they would be right. But you’re likely looking for a more in-depth explanation. The primary reason for such popularity […]
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Best Dog Pooper Scooper • Reviews & Buying Guide for 2023

The best dog pooper scooper is an absolute necessity for walks, your backyard, or visits to the dog park. Having an efficient pooper scooper makes life a lot more sanitary, prevents you from paying fines for not cleaning up, and keeps your yard looking great. Preparing your canine companion for a trip takes a bit […]
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5 Types Of Golden Retrievers (Explained)

There is only one golden retriever breed, but five golden retriever types – American, English, Canadian, show, and field. All five types of golden retrievers are beautiful dogs with lustrous coats and lovely temperaments, but they aren’t quite the same. American, Canadian, and English golden retriever names indicate the country of a particular type’s origin, […]
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Dog Grooming

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Best Dog Brush • Reviews & Buying Guide for 2023

The best dog brush, when used regularly, can reduce the amount of dog hair you find around your house and keeps your pet healthy. Brushing man’s best friend may not have been high on your list of priorities, but it probably should be. If you are a new dog owner, it can be overwhelming but […]
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How Often To Bathe a Golden Retriever?

How often to bathe a golden retriever depends on numerous factors, including the dog’s lifestyle, coat length, season, and environment. One thing is sure – golden retrievers need to be bathed regularly to prevent diseases and parasitic infections. Bathing is an integral element of a golden retriever grooming routine, yet many owners neglect it because […]
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How To Groom Golden Retriever (Step-by-Step Guide)

Every responsible owner should know how to groom a golden retriever to maintain the health and beauty of gorgeous golden fur. Golden retriever grooming is time-consuming and must be regular. Fortunately, it isn’t as difficult as it seems. Like all dogs, golden retrievers need regular baths, ear cleaning, claw trimming, and dental care to prevent […]
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Dog Training

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Best Dog Muzzle • Reviews & Buying Guide for 2023

There are a number of things you want to do with your dog and buy for your dog, but using the best dog muzzle might not be the first one you think of. While it might not be the most glamorous, on some occasions this product is just necessary. Loving your dog means caring for […]
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How To Crate Train A Golden Retriever Puppy

Unless you can monitor your dog 24/7, you must learn how to crate train a golden retriever puppy. Some dog owners are confused as to why crate train a puppy, but a crate can be helpful when you can’t supervise your pet. Crate training accelerates potty training, keeps the dog safe from swallowing hazardous objects […]
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How To Train a Golden Retriever Puppy Not To Bite

Knowing how to train a golden retriever puppy not to bite is crucial to prevent such behavior from becoming a habit. A bite of a two-month-old puppy may not even leave a mark, but a bite of an adult golden retriever is a whole another story. All puppies have a tendency to bite, regardless of […]
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Dog Health

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Golden Retriever Anxiety: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Despite the breed’s joyful, energetic, friendly nature, golden retriever anxiety is a relatively common problem. Everyone feels anxious at times, and dogs aren’t an exception. But sometimes, anxiety becomes a persistent issue. Dogs are very much like humans. They have the same emotions – our furry friends can feel excitement, arousal, pain, fear, and discomfort. […]
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Best Age To Spay a Female Golden Retriever

The best age to spay a female golden retriever is a controversial topic. Despite the surgery’s popularity, its effects on a dog’s health aren’t yet sufficiently researched. Learning the pros and cons of spaying a dog will help you make an informed decision. Some breeders, veterinarians, researchers, and dog enthusiasts advocate for early spaying, but […]
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10 Most Common Golden Retriever Health Issues

No purebred dog is perfectly healthy, and prospective owners must know the most common golden retriever health issues. Often, preventing the development of a disease is easier than treating it, and some conditions can’t be cured. Golden retriever genetic problems may include hip dysplasia, cardiovascular conditions, cataracts, Von Willebrand Disease, and loose knees. Other conditions, […]
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Dog On The Go

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Best Dog Stroller • Reviews & Buying Guide for 2023

For everyone that loves their pup, young or old, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best dog stroller. Strollers enable senior dogs of any size to enjoy the outdoors, and they enable you to take your small pup along for a good run instead of them lagging behind and ruining your exercise. Caring […]
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Best Dog Bike Carrier • Reviews & Buying Guide for 2023

The best dog bike carrier makes it simple for you to transport your furry friend anywhere you please. Having a safe, secure place for them to be while you’re traveling via bike is a great investment for you and your dog. Traveling with your pup can be a bit of an obstacle for some families. […]
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Best Dog Life Jacket • Reviews & Buying Guide for 2023

Dogs love to swim, and if you want them to be safe in and on the water, you need to have the best dog life jacket. Many life jackets offer a comfortable way for your dog to stay afloat while still allowing them to have a great time. Your dog’s health is important, and regular […]
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Dog Behavior

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Best Dog Repellent • Reviews & Buying Guide for 2023

Keeping you and your best friend safe is essential, and the best dog repellent can be a factor in making that process a little easier for everyone. Effective dog repellent can keep dogs from barking, digging, and doing other unwanted behaviors. Dogs are a lifetime commitment. It’s more than just cleaning up their business with […]
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Are Golden Retrievers Good With Kids?

Golden retrievers and kids can become best buddies. Goldens are the best family dogs that genuinely love people of all ages. These dogs are loving, gentle, patient, quiet, and playful. These traits make a golden retriever ideal for children. However, not the breed alone determines whether a dog will become friends with a child. Each […]
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Are Golden Retrievers Smart?

Whether you already own a golden or are considering buying one, you may wonder how smart golden retrievers are. Golden retrievers are intelligent dogs, but many people fail to understand what comprises canine intelligence. Golden retrievers are obedient, eager to please, great at problem-solving, and empathetic. All these traits add points to their intelligence rank. […]
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Dog Diet

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How Much To Feed a Golden Retriever Puppy

A balanced diet is vital for a puppy’s correct development, so every owner should know how much to feed a golden retriever puppy. Unfortunately, golden retrievers are real gluttons and will eat as much food as the owner gives them. Being a large and energetic dog breed, golden retrievers have an enormous appetite, but overfeeding […]
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Best Dog Water Fountain • Reviews & Buying Guide for 2023

Having the best dog water fountain can save you time and money, while ensuring that your dog stays hydrated. These water fountains are often more effective than bowls, and they last a lot longer, too. Taking care of a pet is a financial commitment. You’re buying dog food or puppy food on a regular basis, […]
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Is Wet Cat Food Bad For Dogs?

Many people owning both a cat and a dog wonder – is wet cat food bad for dogs? What happens if a dog eats cat food? Cat food isn’t dangerous to dogs in moderate amounts, but it isn’t risk-free either. Just because dogs are often attracted to cat food doesn’t mean they can eat it […]
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Dog Play

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Best Dog Plush Toy • Reviews & Buying Guide for 2023

Entertaining your dog is easy when you have the best dog plush toy. There’s no doubt Fido is over that old rubber ball, and tug-of-war is only fun for so long. So give man’s best friend something they’ll actually want to play with. It’s hard to spoil your dog all the time. Sometimes you have […]
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Best Automatic Dog Ball Launcher • Reviews & Buying Guide for 2023

With new technology, it’s easier than ever to get the best automatic dog ball launcher for a reasonable price. These great inventions make it easy for you to entertain your non-stop dog with hours of ball tossing fun, without ever leaving your chair. Active dogs are a lot of fun, but they have a lot […]
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The 4 Types Of Dog Toys (Explained)

Learning about dog toy types will help you choose the best suitable toy for your pet. The most common dog toy types are plush, chew, fetch, and interactive, also known as self-amusement toys designed for independent play. Each dog is unique and prefers a different type of toy. The dog’s biting force, energy level, and […]
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