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How To Trim Golden Retriever Paws

Professional dog grooming is costly, so you may benefit from knowing how to trim golden retriever paws at home. Paw trimming is an integral part of the golden retriever grooming process, but many owners are intimidated to do it. Remember that grooming is more than keeping your dog pretty. Trimming excess fur from paws is […]
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Golden Retriever VS Red Setter: 19 Differences

The primary point to consider when choosing between a golden retriever vs. a red setter is the dog’s purpose. Are you looking for a dog to play with your kids, accompany you to hunts, or assist with daily tasks? Contrary to a common misconception, red setters aren’t the same as Irish setters. This name is […]
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Border Collie VS Golden Retriever: 19 Differences

Choosing between a border collie vs. a golden retriever is tricky because both are among the most intelligent and friendliest dog breeds. Goldens and collies have a lot in common but also several important distinctions that make them better suitable for specific purposes. Consider whether you’re looking for a family pet, hunting companion, protection, or […]
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Dog Breeds

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Golden Retriever Yorkshire Terrier Mix

The golden retriever Yorkshire terrier mix is called Golden Yorkie of Goldenshire and is among the strangest designer dogs. The parent breeds are distinctly different, so their cross may seem unexpected, but it has turned out surprisingly well. Because goldens and Yorkies have more distinctions than similarities, their cross is unpredictable temperament and appearance-wise, but […]
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Dachshund Golden Retriever Mix

Dachshund golden retriever mix is known as Golden Dox, but some people jokingly call these adorable dogs Golden Weiner. Although not very popular, Golden Dox is among the cutest crossbreed dogs, with signature short legs and a playful personality. The more different parent breeds, the more of a lottery are puppy traits. Golden retrievers and […]
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Dalmatian Golden Retriever Mix

Dalmatian golden retriever mix is called Goldmatian. This cross has taken the best of its parent breeds both temperament and appearance-wise. A Goldmatian can be recognized by iconic spotted coat color, drop ears, long snout, athletic build, and intelligent expression. The biggest concern with crossbreed dogs is their unpredictable nature. Fortunately, this isn’t the case […]
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Dog Life

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Best Dog Gate • Reviews & Buying Guide for 2023

Keeping your dog confined when you aren’t home is easier with the help of the best dog gate. A reliable gate will give your dog plenty of space to hang out, while preventing them from getting into places where they shouldn’t be. You’re getting your first dog and you’re really excited about it! You’ve got […]
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Everything To Know About Long-Haired Golden Retrievers

One would think that a long-haired golden retriever is the norm because a lustrous long coat is the staple of the breed. However, not every golden retriever has long fur. Its length depends on the dog’s type, age, genetics, and shedding period. Long hair has both benefits and drawbacks. On the one hand, it looks […]
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Everything To Know About Black Golden Retrievers

Black golden retrievers are surrounded by numerous misconceptions. Are they an actual golden retriever variety or a myth? You may be sure that the gorgeous black dog you saw was a rare golden retriever, but this likely isn’t true. Black golden retrievers are adorable and beautiful. They are friendly, outgoing, confident, fluffy, and fun – […]
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Dog Grooming

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How Often To Clean Dog Ears?

How often to clean dog ears depends on the dog’s breed, age, lifestyle, and health state. Veterinarians and professional groomers recommend cleaning dog ears once a month on average. However, some dogs might need more frequent cleaning. Ear hygiene is an equally important element of your dog’s grooming routine as claw trimming, teeth brushing, and […]
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Full Guide To Golden Retriever Shedding

Perhaps, the worst thing about golden retrievers is shedding. Goldens shed year-round, a lot, and the shedding can’t be stopped. If you want a golden retriever, expect all your clothes, furniture, and carpets to be covered in golden fluff. The shiny, long, dense fur is a hallmark of golden retrievers, but it requires immense attention […]
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How To Clean Golden Retriever Ears (Step-by-Step Guide)

A caring owner should know how to clean golden retriever ears to prevent the development of ear infections and maintain their pet’s hearing. Some dogs never need to have their ears cleaned, but golden retrievers may need it more frequently than other breeds. Golden retrievers are prone to ear infections because of their ear anatomy […]
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Dog Training

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Best Dog Agility Tunnel • Reviews & Buying Guide for 2023

If you’re getting ready to train your dog in agility, then the best dog agility tunnel is a must-have for your home course. You’ll also want to add some other training aids, like jumps and towers, but agility tunnels are a great start to your tools. Do you have a dog with a lot of […]
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How To Train a Golden Retriever To Leave It

Every responsible owner should know how to train a golden retriever to leave it. It is one of the most important dog commands. This command teaches your dog impulse control, ensures its safety, prevents it from pulling the leash, and facilitates bonding. Suppose you’re walking in a park, and your puppy sees a dead bird. […]
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How To Train a Golden Retriever To Walk on a Leash

To make your dreams of long walks with your furry buddy come true, you should first learn how to train a golden retriever to walk on a leash. Golden retrievers are naturally curious and energetic, so leash training can be tricky for inexperienced owners. Your puppy may be an example of angelic behavior at home, […]
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Dog Health

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Best Age To Neuter a Male Golden Retriever

The best age to neuter a male golden retriever is after one year old – at least, that’s what recent studies suggest. Early fixing has many potential health implications for golden retrievers, so it’s best not to rush with the surgery. Unfortunately, many breeders and owners aren’t aware of the consequences of neutering large breed […]
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Golden Retriever Ear Infection: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Dogs with floppy ears are more susceptible to ear conditions than other dogs, so golden retriever ear infections are often chronic. Dogs can’t clean their ears, and canine ear anatomy creates the perfect environment for bacteria, yeast, and other microorganisms. Ear inflammation causes severe discomfort to our furry friends, sometimes leading to coordination issues and […]
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How Long Are Golden Retrievers Pregnant? (Gestation)

Every owner wishing to breed their dog should be familiar with the golden retriever gestation period stages and duration. Raising puppies is exciting and fun, but breeding a dog is a big responsibility because numerous things may go wrong. Most golden retrievers become sexually mature at six to nine months old, but breeding a female […]
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Dog On The Go

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How To Fly With a Golden Retriever (Domestic & Intl.)

Becoming a dog owner doesn’t mean giving up on travel, and you may wonder how to fly with a golden retriever. Since golden retrievers are a large breed, flying with your dog can be tricky but not impossible. The restrictions and requirements for flying with pets may vary by airline, destination, and other factors. However, […]
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Can You Use A Cat Collar On A Puppy?

The selection of small dog collars in pet stores is often disappointing, so many owners wonder whether one can use a cat collar on a puppy. Cat and dog collars look the same, so why not get that fancy cat collar for a small dog? That’s a logical way of thinking, but according to experts, […]
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Best Dog Stroller • Reviews & Buying Guide for 2023

For everyone that loves their pup, young or old, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best dog stroller. Strollers enable senior dogs of any size to enjoy the outdoors, and they enable you to take your small pup along for a good run instead of them lagging behind and ruining your exercise. Caring […]
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Dog Behavior

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Why Are Golden Retrievers So Nice?

When you see a golden retriever’s happy, smiling face, you can’t help but wonder – why are golden retrievers so nice? We bet you’ve never met a golden retriever that’s aggressive, shy, or scared for no reason. These dogs are always up for a game, confidently let strangers pet them, and love everyone, including kids […]
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Are Golden Retrievers Good With Kids?

Golden retrievers and kids can become best buddies. Goldens are the best family dogs that genuinely love people of all ages. These dogs are loving, gentle, patient, quiet, and playful. These traits make a golden retriever ideal for children. However, not the breed alone determines whether a dog will become friends with a child. Each […]
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Best Dog Repellent • Reviews & Buying Guide for 2023

Keeping you and your best friend safe is essential, and the best dog repellent can be a factor in making that process a little easier for everyone. Effective dog repellent can keep dogs from barking, digging, and doing other unwanted behaviors. Dogs are a lifetime commitment. It’s more than just cleaning up their business with […]
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Dog Diet

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Best Dog Bowl • Reviews & Buying Guide for 2023

The best dog bowl is going to look different for every single dog and their family. If you thought a dog bowl was just any bowl, you were mistaken. Not all bowls are the same, and there’s a best one out there for your canine friend. Your dog’s health is a big deal, so getting […]
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Best Dog Water Fountain • Reviews & Buying Guide for 2023

Having the best dog water fountain can save you time and money, while ensuring that your dog stays hydrated. These water fountains are often more effective than bowls, and they last a lot longer, too. Taking care of a pet is a financial commitment. You’re buying dog food or puppy food on a regular basis, […]
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Is Wet Cat Food Bad For Dogs?

Many people owning both a cat and a dog wonder – is wet cat food bad for dogs? What happens if a dog eats cat food? Cat food isn’t dangerous to dogs in moderate amounts, but it isn’t risk-free either. Just because dogs are often attracted to cat food doesn’t mean they can eat it […]
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Dog Play

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The 4 Types Of Dog Toys (Explained)

Learning about dog toy types will help you choose the best suitable toy for your pet. The most common dog toy types are plush, chew, fetch, and interactive, also known as self-amusement toys designed for independent play. Each dog is unique and prefers a different type of toy. The dog’s biting force, energy level, and […]
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Best Dog Plush Toy • Reviews & Buying Guide for 2023

Entertaining your dog is easy when you have the best dog plush toy. There’s no doubt Fido is over that old rubber ball, and tug-of-war is only fun for so long. So give man’s best friend something they’ll actually want to play with. It’s hard to spoil your dog all the time. Sometimes you have […]
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Best Automatic Dog Ball Launcher • Reviews & Buying Guide for 2023

With new technology, it’s easier than ever to get the best automatic dog ball launcher for a reasonable price. These great inventions make it easy for you to entertain your non-stop dog with hours of ball tossing fun, without ever leaving your chair. Active dogs are a lot of fun, but they have a lot […]
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